Saturday, April 8, 2017

Zelda Breath of The Wild Has The Biggest Story Of Any Zelda Game

I have heard quite a few times that the story in the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is short. While that may be true that the in game story is short, the full story is actually the biggest in Zelda history. Where is this story you ask, well it's hidden in the gameplay.

One could make an argument that this is just fanfiction or it's not an in game story, but to that I say,
It actually happened so it's not fiction.
It isn't an in game story, but it became a part of the story. For you see the story is in the journey, and everyone's journey is different. Breath of the Wild lets you take your own journey, to create your own story for the game.

Allow me to tell you but one tale I have experienced in the game. The tale of the Search of the Leviathan Skeleton of the Hebra Region.

One of the quests in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is the search for the three giant leviathan skeletons of Hyrule. While I was able to find the ones in Gerudo Desert and Death Mountain with ease using the map, finding the leviathan of the Hebra Region was no simple task.

I started my search like I did the others, by looking at the map you can find some huge bones to the West of Rito Village and I certainly found some huge bones... Were these parts of the leviathan I was looking for? In order to complete the task I have to take a picture of the skull of the beast, but no skull was in sight.

Was this the place or not? could the skull of gotten buried in stone or sank beneath the tar pits here?

Unsatisfied with the lack of a skull I started to search the entire region starting from the top of the mountain. I've must of search the mountains for weeks (in game time) with nothing to show but a few more Shrines.

Defeated I went down the mountain to the 3 people who had given me this quest. Perhaps one of them would have an idea of how to find the leviathan skull. He had revealed that it would most likely be covered by the massive amount of snow and may be impossible to find. Discouraged and frustrated I knew their had to be a way to find it. The man was also frustrated but then said it could also be in one of the many caves of the region.

I knew I could not give up. I knew of a cave with a Shrine near the lake. Perhaps that lake held more secrets. Could the lake be the location of the leviathan? But as I looked and looked, nothing could be found.

From the lake I decided to go to the river that fed it (I can't remembered if the river actually fed this one, biut thiers only one river in the region so you guys can find it easily with the map). Going upstream I found another Shrine, but getting to the shrine was not easy as I decided to swim through the froze water (at least I think that's what I did. It was quiite a while go) to reach it.

The river turned out to be another dead end on my quest. So I returned to searching this mountainous cold region yet again.

Eventually I came across a mysterious door, I've seen one before in another region and knew the way to open it was to roll a boulder down the mountain to force the door open. I knew this could never be the spot for the leviathan as the last one just contained a small room with a shrine. So after a quick, failed attempt at opening the door I left to search again.

Eventually I had given up hope of finding and moved on to other quest Zelda Breath of the Wild had to offer, later I would return to the door to get the shrine I knew was behind it, but not only was their a shrine waiting for me but a huge cavern of ice with the leviathan skull as well.

It took me over a week (IRL) in order to finally find it, and I found it when I wasn't even looking for it.


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