Friday, May 19, 2017

3 Magikarp Music Videos Pokemon Songs

With the recent English version of the Magikarp song released I decided to check Youtube for other Magikarp music videos, here is what I found.

The Magikarp Song

First we have an official Pokemon song from The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel
An ode to one of the greatest (and weakest) Pokémon of all: Magikarp! Celebrate the beloved Pokémon and sing along to the Magikarp Song!


"Magikarp" A Pokémon Parody of Wrecking Ball - NateWantsToBattle

The title says most of it here, a parody of Wrecking Ball. This song shows the feelings of a Magikarp wanting to be strong and be caught, but is ignored do to it's low stats and weak attacks (when it gets then).

The Magikarp Song: A Pokemon Shanty (Game Parody)

The story of a fisherman trying to catch a Pikachu with his Magikarp team.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Predictions
Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is will be starting soon so lets make some predictions of are favorite Universe 7 team members and how they will fare in the tournament.

First to be eliminated I predict will be Android 18.
A shocking early knockout after the small fries get eliminated and the threat of Universe 7 poses is revealed. The first quarter ends with Android 18's elimination.

Second to be eliminated I predict to be Tien Shinhan,
Holding their own till the second quarter of the tournament most of the other teams are now focusing on Universe 7. It's now a hard battle against many powerful opponents and the second to fall will be Tien Shinhan.

Third to be eliminated I predict to be Piccolo
Having been identified as the team leader more focus has been put on Gohan, as Gohan is being overwhelmed Piccolo comes in to aid him, with their new combination attacks the duo hits back hard. Gohan ends up getting overconfident again and is nearly eliminated, but Piccolo once again comes in to save the half Saiyan and end up the one getting eliminated by doing so.

Forth to be eliminated I predict to be Master Roshi
Thanks to Master Roshi's cunning and experience, he managed to last to through most of the second quarter of the tournament of power. However Master Roshi's age finally catches up to him and forces him to forfeit from the battle.

Fifth to be eliminated I predict to be Majin Buu
Powered up from his training, Majin Buu makes it to the 3rd quarter of the tournament. He puts up an impressive fight but then end up fighting who might be the strongest fighter in the tournament and is easily eliminated.

Sixth to be eliminated I predict to be Son Goku
Having lasted until the end of the 3rd quarter Team 7 is looking like the favorite to win, but with the elimination of Majin Buu thing take a turn. Seeing how strong the one who defeated Buu is Goku rushes to fight the guy, but he finds that not even Kioken Super Saiyan Blue isn't enough and is eliminated.

Seventh to be eliminated I predict to be Android 17
Having surprised even members of universe 7 with his strength, Android 17 and Krillin take out the rest of the small and medium powered opponents. But when they face against a strong opponent it is revealed that Android 17 has cybernetic enhancements and is almost eliminated for having them, but the Omni King decided to let him continue fighting anyways. However learning that such things were against the rules of the tournament Android 17 goes and eliminates himself.

And so we are down to the last 3 members of Team 7, Krillin and Vegeta take out the rest except for one thanks to Krillins sacrifice and get himself eliminated.Vegeta then takes to the last opponent and get beat easily, leaving the final battle to be Son Gohan vs this powerful opponent.

Being on the receiving end, Son Gohan true power finally emerges as he transforms into a god himself. However it's not the same as Goku's or Vegeta's. This is a half Saiyan half Earthing god form. The battle then continues and both fighters are evenly matched and then the time limit of the tournament has been reached.

The Omni King is upset and demands the tournement to continue which upsets some but Son Gohan and others from Universe 7 request that the match continues, and so it does. The battle ends with Son Gohans elimination followed be his opponent. Some applaud for team 7 loss, but are then reminded that Vegeta has not yet been eliminated.

Then team 7 makes a wish on the Super Dragon Balls that the Omni King to not destroy the universes that lost, but are revealed that even he cannot go against the Omni King, but in a twist the Omni King accepts the wish and everyone lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top 10 Games I want To Get For The Nintendo Switch

If I play my cards right I'll be one month away from getting myself a Nintendo Switch console, so I think I should make a list of the top 10 games I want to get for the Switch. So in no particular order here are

My Top 10 Games I want To Get For The Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Games I want To Get For The Nintendo SwitchMario Kart 8 Deluxe

 I already have Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii U and it's still fun to play that, so Mario Kart 8 Deluxe barely makes the list with it's improved battle mode. I am looking forward to firing shells, collecting coins, and catching my opponent in the new Renegade Roundup.


Top 10 Games I want To Get For The Nintendo SwitchSuper Mario Odyssey

 I'll have to wait till later this year, but platformers are one of my go to genres in video games. Mario goes back to a more Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine free roam style of levels in a quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser.

Sonic Forces

 Oh hey, we can make our own custom Sonic characters in this one. It's about time Sega let's it's fans use their OCs.
So somehow Dr. Eggman Robotnik has conquered the world, or so the trailers would have us believe. I don't know what's going on so I have to find out.

Sonic Mania

 Classic side scrolling Sonic the hedgehog gameplay. I think I just said the reason to get it.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

 Every once in awhile I get the need to play a puzzle game, and Puyo Puyo and Tetris are some of the biggest names in that category. For Myself it's more for Tetris and the fact I can take it on the go just sells it for me.

Top 10 Games I want To Get For The Nintendo SwitchSnake Pass

 When I saw the trailer for Snake Pass I became interested in how you played it, instead of jumping from platform to platform you had to coil around objects to slither your way through the game. It's like a puzzle platformer where you can't jump, but can climb in a unique way. I have thought of getting it on Steam, but the thought of the portable Nintendo Switch console just makes me want that one instead.

Fast RMX

 I've been aware of this series for awhile now and have been meaning to get it at some point. I am a fan of the high paced F-Zero series by Nintendo and this spiritual successor just makes up for the fact Nintendo hasn't made a new one in years.

I Am Setsuna

 I actually don't know much about this video game, I needed a tenth game for the list and I thought a JRPG would help make the list more well rounded. I also wanted to play an JRPG as I haven't played one in a long time other than Pokemon.


 I'm not one for fighting games, but sometimes I find a series I like (example Super Smash Bros), so I wanted to give the new Nintendo IP ARMS a try.

Splatoon 2

I enjoyed the first one whenever I got around to playing it, like the last game I'm not the biggest fan of shooters, but I play me some Splatoon 2.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

250 Videos Of Super Smash Brothers Gameplay

Wanting to know just how many Super Smash Brothers videos I had on my Youtube channel Chibi The Video Gamer, I went and added the total of the three playlists I have for the series. Starting with the 2 part Sonic Classic mode in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I got a total of 250 videos at this time, with another coming later today. here are the links to the three playlists.

Super Smash Bros Playlist 1

Super Smash Bros Playlist 2

Super Smash Playlist 3

Problems With My Last Stream Yoshi Super Smash Bros for 3DS gameplay

I tried live streaming Super Smash Bros for  3DS a few hours ago, but was hit with slow connection speed. This resulted with a very lagged video experience. So I ended the stream early and instead just did a regular recording, which will be uploaded later today.

The Live Stream Video

Regular video

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Very Funny Lets Play Of Super Paper Mario

I made so many hilarious jokes when live streaming this episode of Super Paper Mario. I'm sure you'll get a lot of laughs out of this.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Could A Nintendo Switch Expansion Addon Work

Back during the Bit Wars of the 8-bit and 16-bit era and even before than, addons where often created for home consoles. Some examples are the Famicom Disc System and the Sega CD, such addons where used to allow home consoles to do more then what they were originally designed for. Some even enhanced the power of a console like the Sega 32x.
nintendo switch 4k gaming addon
But can the Nintendo Switch ever get such an addon? The answer is an easy yes.

In fact the Nintendo Switch already has an addon that allows you to play your games on the television. That's right, the Nintendo Switch dock can be considered an addon to the Nintendo Switch, and even though it currently doesn't add any sort of power enhancement at this time, Nintendo could release a version that does.

Nintendo has stated that the Nintendo Switch can deliver some 4K gameplay at 30 fps, it can't do it for all games. Well a Nintendo Switch Dock addon with additional hardware could turn this already great console into a true 4K gaming beast.

What would be needed in the addon would be;
  • An additional CPU
  • An additional GPU
  • Additional Memory
The CPU is already pretty good for what it's given now, but for 4K at 60fps a little boost would help, same goes for the GPU. As for the memory, Id say an additional 8 to 12 GBs would be needed. Current games would also need a patch to be able to use such an addon.

As for the price of such an expansion, I'd estimate a retail $200 to $300, which does see kind of expensive as you have to add the Nintendo Switch price on top of that. If you consider that fact that the Switch is also a portable, it'll be similar in price to buying a portable console and a home console which some people already do.

Find The Button Dude 2 Released

My second Find The Button map is ready to be played. Can you find out where I've hidden the buttons in these eight maps.

Map Page And Download Here

Friday, May 5, 2017

Little Nightmares Gameplay Live Part 1 - Chibi The Video Gamer

I had a bit of trouble getting this stream started but those in chat said it was good so I continued.

So I wanted to play something different today and found a game on Steam called Little Nightmares, a game that's said to pray on your childhood fears. So far the creepy atmosphere is quite terrifying. With nothing telling me what's going on I have to leave it up to my mind and what I can see to tell the story.

From what I can tell, I'm a little kid hiding from monsters that rule the world. They keep other kids imprisoned with constant fear. Find out more by watching the video above or by playing the game, and don't forget to leave a like to help me out.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Top 5 Videos Of April 2017 - Chibi The Video Gamer

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Gamplay Part 13

Uploaded April 2nd, this episode was about bringing a sacred blue flame from one place to another to unlock a few features in the Sheikah Tablet. Snappity Snap.

Sonic Adventure DX Gameplay Live Stream

April 7th was the day I did a live stream and started a fun run gameplay of Sonic Adventure DX, I've decided to make this a fun run since I had already played the game on my channel before.

Blaster Master Zero Gameplay Part 6

Don't flush frogs down the toilet they'll grow into monsters and a guy with a bad ass tank will have to go and kill it. Uploaded April 8th

Sonic Riders Gameplay Part 4

Uploaded April 11th, It's time for Sonic to get some payback after Jet's team cheated in the last race.

Yooka Laylee Gameplay Part 11 Live Stream

Streamed on April 30th, This video was of me exploring deeper into the ice palace and avoiding it's traps.