Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Could A Nintendo Switch Expansion Addon Work

Back during the Bit Wars of the 8-bit and 16-bit era and even before than, addons where often created for home consoles. Some examples are the Famicom Disc System and the Sega CD, such addons where used to allow home consoles to do more then what they were originally designed for. Some even enhanced the power of a console like the Sega 32x.
nintendo switch 4k gaming addon
But can the Nintendo Switch ever get such an addon? The answer is an easy yes.

In fact the Nintendo Switch already has an addon that allows you to play your games on the television. That's right, the Nintendo Switch dock can be considered an addon to the Nintendo Switch, and even though it currently doesn't add any sort of power enhancement at this time, Nintendo could release a version that does.

Nintendo has stated that the Nintendo Switch can deliver some 4K gameplay at 30 fps, it can't do it for all games. Well a Nintendo Switch Dock addon with additional hardware could turn this already great console into a true 4K gaming beast.

What would be needed in the addon would be;
  • An additional CPU
  • An additional GPU
  • Additional Memory
The CPU is already pretty good for what it's given now, but for 4K at 60fps a little boost would help, same goes for the GPU. As for the memory, Id say an additional 8 to 12 GBs would be needed. Current games would also need a patch to be able to use such an addon.

As for the price of such an expansion, I'd estimate a retail $200 to $300, which does see kind of expensive as you have to add the Nintendo Switch price on top of that. If you consider that fact that the Switch is also a portable, it'll be similar in price to buying a portable console and a home console which some people already do.

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