Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Predictions

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Predictions
Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is will be starting soon so lets make some predictions of are favorite Universe 7 team members and how they will fare in the tournament.

First to be eliminated I predict will be Android 18.
A shocking early knockout after the small fries get eliminated and the threat of Universe 7 poses is revealed. The first quarter ends with Android 18's elimination.

Second to be eliminated I predict to be Tien Shinhan,
Holding their own till the second quarter of the tournament most of the other teams are now focusing on Universe 7. It's now a hard battle against many powerful opponents and the second to fall will be Tien Shinhan.

Third to be eliminated I predict to be Piccolo
Having been identified as the team leader more focus has been put on Gohan, as Gohan is being overwhelmed Piccolo comes in to aid him, with their new combination attacks the duo hits back hard. Gohan ends up getting overconfident again and is nearly eliminated, but Piccolo once again comes in to save the half Saiyan and end up the one getting eliminated by doing so.

Forth to be eliminated I predict to be Master Roshi
Thanks to Master Roshi's cunning and experience, he managed to last to through most of the second quarter of the tournament of power. However Master Roshi's age finally catches up to him and forces him to forfeit from the battle.

Fifth to be eliminated I predict to be Majin Buu
Powered up from his training, Majin Buu makes it to the 3rd quarter of the tournament. He puts up an impressive fight but then end up fighting who might be the strongest fighter in the tournament and is easily eliminated.

Sixth to be eliminated I predict to be Son Goku
Having lasted until the end of the 3rd quarter Team 7 is looking like the favorite to win, but with the elimination of Majin Buu thing take a turn. Seeing how strong the one who defeated Buu is Goku rushes to fight the guy, but he finds that not even Kioken Super Saiyan Blue isn't enough and is eliminated.

Seventh to be eliminated I predict to be Android 17
Having surprised even members of universe 7 with his strength, Android 17 and Krillin take out the rest of the small and medium powered opponents. But when they face against a strong opponent it is revealed that Android 17 has cybernetic enhancements and is almost eliminated for having them, but the Omni King decided to let him continue fighting anyways. However learning that such things were against the rules of the tournament Android 17 goes and eliminates himself.

And so we are down to the last 3 members of Team 7, Krillin and Vegeta take out the rest except for one thanks to Krillins sacrifice and get himself eliminated.Vegeta then takes to the last opponent and get beat easily, leaving the final battle to be Son Gohan vs this powerful opponent.

Being on the receiving end, Son Gohan true power finally emerges as he transforms into a god himself. However it's not the same as Goku's or Vegeta's. This is a half Saiyan half Earthing god form. The battle then continues and both fighters are evenly matched and then the time limit of the tournament has been reached.

The Omni King is upset and demands the tournement to continue which upsets some but Son Gohan and others from Universe 7 request that the match continues, and so it does. The battle ends with Son Gohans elimination followed be his opponent. Some applaud for team 7 loss, but are then reminded that Vegeta has not yet been eliminated.

Then team 7 makes a wish on the Super Dragon Balls that the Omni King to not destroy the universes that lost, but are revealed that even he cannot go against the Omni King, but in a twist the Omni King accepts the wish and everyone lived happily ever after.

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