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5 Things Wrong With The Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild

5 Things Wrong With The Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild

I love Zelda Breath of the wild, but even the greatest of games will always have something wrong. I still love game and score it a 10 out of 10 and these flaws don't ruin the game for me, these five things are just some minor things to mention in a blog posthe legend of zelda breath of the wild logo with outlinet.

Frame Rate Drop
I as well as many others have noticed frame rate drops at times in Zelda Breath of the Wild. While I don't mind the occasional frame rate drop, it happens quite a few times in Breath of the Wild on the Wii U. Only once had the game froze for several seconds before the console finally caught up.
Problem low

Lack of Boss variety
The four bosses of the game are just 4 forms of Ganon and Ganon is just a combination of the 4, It's not just the dungeon bosses, the mini bosses could use more variety as well instead of reusing the same ones over and over. I liked when I had to fight the corrupted dragon Naydra on top of Mount Lanaryu, I would of like to o done that with the other two as well.

5 things wrong with zelda breath of the wild
Final Boss's Final Form To Easy
The only time I died from this boss was the first time trying to get the final shot without using Ravali's Gale (because I forgot it). The only attack he has comes from the front and cn be easily avoided once you know of it. If Ganon had some other projectiles like the Divine Beasts did then it would be better.

The Korok Prize
After collecting 900 Korok seeds you are then rewarded with a big pile of shit... This would of been worse if I had done this, but I haven't yet.

Um... I can't think of any others worth mentioning.

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