Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yooka Laylee The New Banjo Kazooie Game First 3 Videos of my Lets Play

Yooka Laylee The New Banjo Kazooie Game First 3 Videos of my Lets Play

The original minds of Rare are back as Playtonic and are bringing their style of platforming to us in the new game Yooka Laylee. Will the game hold up to such classics are Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Kazooie, and Conker's Bad Fur Day?

Are journey starts with the introduction of the villain Capital B of Hivory Tower taking a look at his new golden statue of himself, and for some reason a duck in a jar with a gumball machine body is thier as well. But hey the gum is only 2 cents (at least I think it's cents).

We then go to Yooka the lizard, gecko thing and Laylee a bat with a big red nose. They are relaxing outside making some jokes until Laylee's book starts floating away toward Hivory Tower.

The game then continues and slowly starts teaching us how to play the game.

We start our second episode of the game by collecting are first Pagie, the Power Stars or Golden Bananas of this game. The Pagie then explains the reasons why Capital B is after the book and Pagies.

After some talking with a slithering Salesman I find the first Grand Tomb and use my Pagie to unlock Tribalstack Tropics, the first world of the game. Here we find a lady skeleton being boiled in a pot. It seems some enemies are going to try to eat it. After defeating the enemies we are rewarded even though she's still stuck in the pot.

Episode 3 consists of me exploring Tribalstack Tropics in search of more pagies. I try to climb a mountain but it seems that I need to expand the world before I can get anything on it, this can be done by giving the Grand Tomb back in the hub world more Pagies.

I also find in this episode that these worlds can be quitee big and complex, so getting the lay of the land and it's locations seem to be important as I spend a lot of time looking around. I do find an old school arcade machine with a racing game inside.

Eventually I find Trowser the Salesman and buy some special moves from him using the quills I collected, and using the Buddy Slam move I am able to solve the nearby puzzle to get another pagie for my collection.

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