Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Youtube Channel Update #1 - 4 Awesome Videos To Check Out

From time to time I will be making a post to share with you guys some of the stuff on my 2 Youtube channels ChibiKage89 and ChibiMinecraftLPs. Here is what's been uploaded lately.

Sonic Heroes - Giant Froggy

After being distracted by other games I finally come back to Sonic Heroes to pick up where I left off, in a jungle with Big the cat's best friend Froggy. Although I think Big needs to put Froggy on a diet.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell Exam

Since I started playing and saw the awesomely epic mechs called Skells in this game I have wanted to pilot one. Now after over 50 videos of Xenoblade Chronicles X I am finally taking the exam that will allow me to pilot one.

Minecraft Lucky Block Survival Games Episode 1

Who would of thought that my first Lucky Block Survival Games video on my new Minecraft dedicated Youtube channel would also be my first victory. I have played over a dozen times before on the main channel but now with the new channel comes a new age for my Youtube Gaming career.

Hexxit Heroes - Tomb Of The Dead

Continuing my adventure in the lands of Hexxit I infiltrate a tomb full of dead zombies and skeletons in the hope of getting more materials like better weapons and armor, but this dungeon my prove to be to much for this chibi at this time.

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