Sunday, February 21, 2016

10 Things To Add To Super Mario Maker

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Super Mario Maker is a great tool for making your very own Mario levels, but it lacks many things that gamers would love to have included. Some of these things you would of thought would of been included already.

Slope Blocks

slope blocks for mario makerSlope blocks have been with the Mario series since Super Mario Brothers 3 and I don't know why Mario Maker doesn't have slopes. The game needs 3 inclines of slopes, 1 block wide and high, 1 block high by 2 blocks wide, and 1 block high by 4 blocks wide. It would also be nice to have upside down slopes as well.

mario world level hack#2
Water & Lava Blocks

Water blocks would allow more creative water levels by making pools of water where you want and doesn't have to be effected by gravity and float in the air. It's not like this would be new to the series.

old school ater tide level on yoshi's island
Water Current

In Super Mario World some levels had water currents on the bottom of the stage that would constantly push the player to the left. I found these levels very fun and better then water levels that you were underwater the whole time. The best water levels in my opinion are the ones where you can go in water but also platform above them.

super mario graphic editor

Graphic Editor

We simply should be able to make our own custom graphics for levels, sure I can understand why this could be an issue online with inappropriate images being drawn, but this can be fixed with levels not being lock to graphics. In fact have no option to share graphics until they are approved.

More Enemies and Bosses

super mario series forgotten bossesWell this one is a given, Mario has fought a lot of enemies and bosses over the years and it would be nice to include them. Also include some of the more forgotten ones like from the Mario Land games.

Vertical Levels

Vertical levels have been around since the 2nd and 3rd Mario games and it's just how it sounds.
mario forest level mario ice level mario desert level
Level Layer 2

The Super Nintendo was capable of using mulitple layers for games and in Super Mario World put them to good use. Layer 1 was the standard level layer where the level was and layer 2 was usaully the background, however for some the levels used layer 2 as a second level layer. This allowed for additional gameplay options such as layer 2 sinking or moving. Right now in order to get the effect in Mario maker you have to set up blocks on the special lines to move them and it can be difficult to set up, it was a poor mans version of Layer 2.

More Level Types

Here's a quick list of level types that need to be added;

Secondary Level Types

If one could choose to combine 2 level types what would one make? A sky castle? A crashed doomship in the forest? It would allow for more freedom in level design.

More Song Choices

It would be nice to have more choices in music you can choose for the stage. In fact why not get music from other games as well?

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  1. Good Compilation of Ideas to be included in Mario. It would double the excitement for Mario fans like us. Thanks for sharing.