Friday, February 26, 2016

Youtube Channels Update #2 - 5 Awesome Videos To Check Out

It's time again to show off more of my lets play videos here on the blog, since my channels are updated daily I don't post about it on the blog everyday cause it would just be distracting.

Minecraft and PC channel:
Main Gaming Channel:

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Playlist

Since this is a new series to my main gaming channel I've decided to embed the whole playlist here as one, check out the series from the start with episode 1. I'm not used to tactical RPGs but I've decided to give it a try.

Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3)

The 5th Live Stream I did in succession. Here I finish the final world of Super Mario Brothers 3 and move on to the e-reader levels. Thank you Nintendo for including them in this virtual title classic, if it didn't have them I would of passed on this version.

LP Sonic Heroes EP18 - Team Rose Trying To Kill Big

In this lets play video we find out what Amy Rose and Cream the rabbit really think about Big the cat.

How To Fly A Skell - Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay EP68

In this episode I take on the mission that will enable me to get a flying skell. Don't worry Lin, I believe in you.

Minecraft Fantasy Quest EP4 - Tornado Carnage

My biggest and craziest Minecraft series ever, with a bunch of my favorite mods to enhance the gameplay and adventure.

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