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Could Zelda Wii U Be For The Nintendo NX? (Chibi Gaming Thoughts)

Could Zelda Wii U Be For The Nintendo NX?will zelda wii u be on the nintendo nx

Recently I posted an article that the Nintendo NX could be a 4K console (you can read it here), but what could this mean for the upcoming Zelda Wii U? Nintendo definitly wants to make thier games look the best but the Wii U is still only 1080p HD, and if my prediction is right then the NX would be 4K.

Would they pull a Twilight Princess and release it on both consoles?

When The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess was released Nintendo released it on both the Gamecube and Nintendo Wii consoles. This allowed the Wii to have a great launch title and be the first console to launch with a Zelda game. Zelda games create a huge hype without even doing much at all and it would definitely promote a new console. It wouldn't be a bad idea to hold the release of the next big Zelda game off until the release of the next console.

Can Zelda Wii U be made into 4K?

This is actually a tough question, it's not a case of just up-scaling the graphics (their would be no point in releasing the game again). However they may not need to actually redo the graphics by much. You see develops usually make the graphics at higher resolutions then scale them down for the console, so it is possible they already had 4K ready graphics to start with. However this is also just hopeful thinking. While developers usually make higher resolution graphics and then scale down, it is not always the case and it doesn't mean the graphics where originally made in 4K.

There is more to it then just textures as well. The models could also be given more polygons to look better but this is not really necessary as models on the Wii U already look great and this would allow the console to save it's power for other things.

What do I think Nintendo should do?

I really think they should do the whole Twilight Princess thing and release it for both version. This would allow people to get the game without having to get the next console which might actually be hard to get upon it's initial release.

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