Friday, January 22, 2016

Beautiful Panoramic Screenshot of a Lake And Waterfalls In Xenoblade Chronicles X

Planet Mira is full of beautiful sights and wonders, so I wanted to get a panoramic screenshot to help show it's beauty. To do this I took multiple screenshots while moving the camera and then cut and pasted them together. Unfortunately one of the creatures was moving and messed up a small portion of the image, but I think it still came out all right.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Planet Mira Video Game Screenshot
Stupid indegin creature messed up my shot of this lake on planet Mira.

This image was taken in the video game Xenoblade Chronicles X, and shows one of my favorite sites on planet Mira. I love waterfalls and wanted to show it off in a panoramic photo, and with some complications I still got a good image to show to everyone.

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