Friday, January 22, 2016

Welcome To The New Blog

I bet you are wondering what to expect on this blog, so I'll tell you in my own way and style.

Sprite Comics
Gaming Art
Original Character Art
Thoughts (Mostly Video Gaming)
My own way
Other Stuff To Know

--- Sprite Comics

I have done Sprite Comics a long time ago on another blog and enjoyed coming up with the stories, so I have thought of doing that again. This time I hope to add more to the stories though, If you wish to see the old sprite comics you can find them on my old blog at

--- Gaming Art

I don't draw much but I would like to get more into it and since this is a gaming blog I think it would make sense to have gaming art. Some ideas of what I could draw is; Game Characters, Game Environments, Game Items, and Game Thumbnails For My Lets Plays.

--- Original Character Art

I have one or two original characters that I have created in the past for various reasons and would love to give them more life, so I need someplace to do that. I might also at some point create a comic series with them.

--- Thoughts (Mostly Video Gaming)

Everyone has there own thoughts and I could use a place to share them. Such post will be like what I think about video games, ideas for video games, hopes for video games, basically just gaming thoughts and impressions.

--- Reviews

What would a video game blog be without reviews? I do not plan to do them often though and prefer to have it more like just talking about thoughts as before, but from time to time I will try to do a review in my own way.

--- My own way

Decided to add this part to explain what I mean by "my own way". I have seen a few blogs online but you usually have to look through the post to find the information you want. So people like such long paragraphs but I don't. So what I mean by "my own way" is that the posts on this blog will be like post, short paragraphs that get to the point.

--- Other Stuff To Know

Other than the blog I have a gaming channel on Youtube where I post my let's plays. If I where to post post on this blog every time I upload a new video the blog would become a mess, so instead I'll see if I can get a gadget on the side to notify you of interesting videos I post as I post daily to that channel.

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