Thursday, March 24, 2016

If Pokemon Could Have 3 Types - Part 1 - Changing The Meta Game

I'm sure most of us have thought what it would be like if Pokemon could have up to 3 types instead of maxing out at 2. Some Pokemon could definitely benefit from it, but would it break the meta game? The answer is yes, but is that a bad thing?

What Changes Would Have To Happen To Get This In?

Right now type advantages is currently set to double the damage for each type the attack type is effective against and halved for ineffective types. Using an attack that is also the same type as the Pokemon using it also gets it doubled in power. Because of this the max damage can be at most 8x the original amount. If you add a third type to it the max damage would be 16x the amount and that is definitely a problem.

To get Pokemon with three types into the game we would have to change this. Here is what I suggest.

Pokemon the same type as attack - 2x
Pokemon type weak against attack - 2x
second type advantage gets an additional - 1.5x
Third type advantage gets an additional - 1.5x
- Together this makes 9x the damage
- This also bring down the normal effective against two types down to a x6

After that if the Pokemon has a resistance then the damage - 0.5x
Then for an additional resistance the damage is then cut an additional - 0.5x
If all the Pokemon types are resistant to the attack type then the Pokemon is completely unaffected by the attack.
- I decided it would be fair to give immunity to Pokemon that had three types over the attacking type.

So mostly the resistance didn't change much except for the possible immunity.

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