Monday, March 28, 2016

5 Things To Add To Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

things to add to the pokemon series
  For the past few generations I've felt that the Pokemon games have been a little stale and just a repeat of what's already established. I've been wanting something to make it more interesting to pull me back into the series like I used to be. Well here are 5 Things To Add To Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

1)  More Ways To Compete

   In Pokemon Gold I loved competing in the Bug Catching Contest and in Pokemon Sapphire I liked competing in Pokemon Contests. I would find it fun if their were things to compete in the Next generation of Pokemon other then just trying to become champion.

2) More Interactions With Your Pokemon

  I have had people tell me that's what Pokemon Amii is for but what I wanted is a full pet like simulator where you take care of a Pokemon, something complete like Nintendogs. Although I have always thought that this would be best as a stand alone title so the developers can really fill it out and have games to play with your Pokemon and even use a chat feature like Hey You Pikachu did.

3) Pokemon To Have Three Types Instead Of Just Two

  This is something I've already talked about (read here), but I think it would really make things more interesting.

4) An Open World

  I have wondered what it would be like if Xenoblade Chronicles X had Pokemon... An open would to explore, will you follow the road to the next town or climb the dangerous mountain looking for adventure? I think that someday soon the technology would be advanced enough for a Pokemon world like what we see in the anime. Wait... This was supposed to be a list for what I want in Pokemon Sun And Moon, well I can always dream.

5) Non Turned Based Battle

  Following the last entry on this list what if we had a battle style similar to Xenoblade Chronicles X, where you command your Pokemon on what to do and what move to use. Something that makes it feel more like the anime but at the same time using a battle system similar to Xenoblade.

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