Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quick Recap Of The Games I Took Notice Of During The March 3rd Nintendo Direct

Here is a quick recap of 6 games that I thought were the most important to me from the 2016 March 3rd Nintendo Direct.

StarFox Zero
starfox zero star fox zero wii u

The game is finally ready for the April 22 launch datem I can't wait to soar through the Lylat system once again in this new action flyer. The game also features a new co-op 2-player mode where one player fly's the Arwing and the other mounts the guns.

Star Fox Gaurd

Nintendo goes and make a Star Fox themed tower defense game where you don't just watch the action. Here you take control of the defensive you set up to defend Slippy's uncle.

Super Mario Maker Update

This update for Super Mario Maker adds in a few things that I will enjoy, First are keys that can be used for puzzles and mandatory boss fights. Also added are massive skewers that were first seen in Super Mario World. We will also be getting new pick coins that when you collect all of them in a level you will get a key which will add even more of a puzzle element to your levels.

Kirby: Planet Robobot
kirby planet robobot nintendo 3ds nintendo direct
Pop Star is under attack once again and it's up to Kirby to save the day, With new copy abilities like Doctor Kirby (Dr. Mario eat your heart out, a new doctor is in town)and a new mech for Kirby that also gains from the pink puffballs copy abilities. This game looks to be so much fun.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

metroid prime federation force
We all thought that this would just be some little mini game thing and not a full fledged Metroid adventure, well we were wrong. It turns out that this is an actually action adventure that we wanted and with multiplayer as well.

Hyrule Warriors Legends
medli hyrule warriors legends zelda the wind waker
Medli from the legend of Zelda the Wind Waker has joined the roster of playable characters in Hyrule Warriors Legends, also a new costume for Ganondorf.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

I'm not actually looking forward to this one and it seems to be using a similar style to Paper Mario Sticker Star. I do hope that it's better then the last one but I'm just not looking forward to it for I did not really like Papoer Mario Sticker Star.

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