Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Things The Nintendo NX Needs To Sell

5 Things The Nintendo NX Needs To Sell

With the newest Nintendo console less than a year away (hopefully), I've decided to now list a few hopes for the upcoming console.

4K 60fps

I've made a post before on how I think a 4K console is possible (click here), but I'm not a expert in the field to know how accurate my post to actually be, but I'm still confident that a 4K Nintendo NX to be what will happen. Though I wouldn't be too upset for a 2K instead (as this would let the extra power to be used elsewhere instead).

Strong launch line up

A new console definitely needs a strong launch and for that it needs a good line up of games. It is now believed that Zelda Wii U will have a release on the NX as well as the Wii U but it's also rumored that several other Wii U games may also get a re release on the console as well. Although these releases would only be a good bonus if they are upgraded in some way, say 4K?

A strong slogan

I just did a post on my favorite Nintendo slogans (click here) of the past and they are quite useful for selling a new console, Nintendo really bombed with the Wii U slogan "How will U play" as it didn't really help sell the damn thing, so I'm really hoping for something like "Now your playing with Power"

Strong 3rd party support

Consoles need a strong support from 3rd party developers to get a console to sell well. One may think what's the point if they are released on each console, but for the console that doesn't get them it's a huge drawback as gamers want to play them and will end up buying the other console that can because of it.

Click Here For This One

After writing the last one on the list I got to thinking of something that would give the NX a huge boost (In my opinion), and I think it'll make a good post on it's own, so you'll just have to wait and see what I got.

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  1. Honestly, from rumours and official statements from Nintendo themselves, I would guess that Nintendo isn't going to try to compete with Microsoft and Sony for the most powerful console, and that would make a lot of sense. 60 fps on a 4k resolution is really tough on even the most powerful PC gaming rigs. Even the "Playstation 4k" likely isn't going to run a stable 60 fps at 4k on a lot of games.

    Regardless, unless Nintendo pull incredibly powerful hardware out of nowhere and manage to beat Sony at their own game, they're not going to have a chance at competing with the PS4.5. At this point, I'm picturing that the NX will be like a flexible iPad, but a platform for core gamers. If you could take the Wii U gamepad to work/school, on a plane, or on a road trip, and if it could maybe even support 1080p graphics, then I think that that would be a force to be reckoned with. It would be like an iPad, but for gaming. Heck, if that's what the NX is, then I hope it also would support movie playing, because that's a big part of the iPad's appeal.

    I could be totally wrong about that, though, but that's my current theory. I don't see Nintendo being able to compete with the PS4.5 head-on, anyhow, and they're apparently not entering into VR, so where else is there to go?