Sunday, May 15, 2016

Should Nintendo NX Have Multiple Versions Or An Expansion? Nintendo NX HD & 4K

nintendo nx hd and 4k

Recently I've been thinking that maybe the NX should have multiple versions for the market or even a expansion? One Idea I had was that the portable version be able to attach to the home console version to up the power of the device and allow perfect 4K at home, but I have to soot that one down as designing games for that to work would be more work then most companies would like to do, so it's down to multiple versions.

Why Have Multiple Versions?
  Well this is easy to answer. The retail cost for these would differ and so would the power. I can think of up to 3 versions that could be made, a HD, 2KHD, and a 4KHD version that I still think needs to be made. Of course these are the resolutions of each console.

  They don't really sell 2K televisions (except for computer monitors which could be hooked up) so I think the HD and 4K models should be the focus. The main difference is the resolution, of course they should both be super powerful pieces of hardware, but since 4K is still relatively new they should focus on the HD and then have the 4K and a premium version that would cost a lot more since it has the power for 4K.

  This doesn't mean that the HD version should be a weak little $100 toy but instead it should still play the games at an epic level and cost they same as a new console would $300 -$400, the 4K would just look better and cost more.

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