Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Zelda Wii U Map Analysis

I know people have already done map analysis of the Zelda Wii U map ages ago but I wanted to give you guys my own which I actually did months ago and just forgot about.

While doing my analysis I noticed that the map is similar to that of the Ocarina Of Time and Twilight Princess maps as well as some others.

Zora's Domain

 This place is not only the home of the Zora's but also the source of most of Hyrule's water. I've seen some people put it on Snow Peak or up by Death Mountain, but in both OOT and TP Zora's Domain was at neither of these locations and actually between the 2 mountains as you actually go quite away from those mountains in those video games.

 I also took notice in the Other Zelda games that the rivers from Zora's Domain actually go underground at some points and that the entire river cannot be seen from above. You see this in Twilight Princess and not so much in Ocarina of Time but Zora's Domain was underground.

Death Mountain

This place has always been to the northeast areas of the games  and more east in OOT and TP (Wii version was mirrored). We can even see some lava rivers and even Death Mountain Crater on the map.

Kokiri Forest / Faron Province

This my come up as a shock but while I was analyzing the map and comparing it to the other game, I realized that Kokiri Forest and Faron Province are in the exact same location (although it's more like a theory). I think maybe after the Deku Tree died in OOT the Hylians went to help out the Kokiri's since they didn't have a guardian, although this could of ended up preventing the Deku Tree Sprout from growing and the Kokiri's being wiped out be Twilight Princess. It's not like Humans of are world haven't made that mistake before.

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