Friday, April 15, 2016

Live Action Pokemon Movie - Gaming Thoughts

Live Action Pokemon Movie - Gaming Thoughts

Recent rumors have popped up recently of Nintendo wanting to make a live action Pokemon movie and apparently 3 companies are making bids to get this project. So I'm going to give you my thoughts on this.

I for one am not a big movie goer, I actually prefer televised episodic series cause those can go much more into the story because they are not as limited in how long they can be. I also prefer animated series over live action as well.

As for the story I have no idea what they could do other than something like Pokemon Origins as getting a whole Pokemon adventure into one movie would be difficult do to the length, but perhaps if they instead did something similar to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series and just brought someone to a world of Pokemon to save it.

Even though the movie is to be live action the Pokemon would still have to be animated in some way, they will probably look close to what they looked like in Pokken Tournament. If this is the case I guess it would be okay but I just don't really think this movie really needs to be made. I might re think this once I get more information on this but for now I'm not that interested.

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