Thursday, June 8, 2017

Recap On The Recent Pokemon Direct

So Nintendo and the Pokemon Company recently had a Direct video where they revealed some new Pokemon games coming out for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver are set to be re released on the Nintendo Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS, unfortunately Crystal has not been included in this. I remembered playing my copy of Pokemon Gold back when I was a kid, whenever I remembered to, I would go to the Pokemon Bug Catching mini game. It was like a more interesting version of the Safari Zone and I loved it not for the reward but for the game itself.

Pokken Tournament DX is a new version of the Wii U version with added characters. The likely re release of this game could probably be to try and give it another chance at life as games on the Wii U did have some challenges.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon, looks like Pokemon Stars isn't happening.

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