Thursday, June 1, 2017

Live Stream - Legend of Zelda Ocacle of Ages - ChibiKage89 Plays Classic Games

Having a fun time with Zelda Ocacle of Ages, playing the game, making jokes, and chatting with the live audience in chat.

Game description,
The protaganist Link is sent on a quest by the spirit of the Triforce to save a land called Labrynna, where Veran possesses Nayru to travel back in time to have to build the Black Tower to lite the Flame of Sorrow.

The Legend of Zelda Ocacle of Ages, is a part of the two part Oracle series, which is a combined adventure. Oracle of Ages is seperated by two times which you have to go back and forth to save both the past and present.

Originaly released on the Game Boy Color you can now also purchase them from the Nintendo 3DS Eshop for the Virtual Console.

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