Monday, December 5, 2016

My Thoughts On The Classic NES Mini

NES Classic NES Mini

Nintendo has recently released a new mini console called the NES Mini that has 30 classic built in Nintendo games. The thing goes for about $60 Dollars in the USA and has been selling out faster than Sonic the Hedgehog can run.

Now I have to say I have not tried it. I do know a few things about it, and seen and read a few reviews, but this isn't a review, it's my thoughts.

I do actually like the NES Mini especially since the games look great on it. The games are better than they look on the virtual console, Nintendo really went that extra bit to make sure the games look and played just like the good old days.

However, one thing keeps me from going out to buy one.

The NES Mini does not allow the use of external cartridges, so you can't play your own NES game. Other than that the NES Mini is perfect in every way, I would still keep one if it was given to me as a gift and I would love it, but for me. I just don't need to buy one.

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