Saturday, October 15, 2016

Top 10 Minecraft Mods To Have In Every Modpack

Minecraft may be a simple little computer game but with so many different mods to add it can get confusing on which ones to use. Well I've made a list of the top 10 Minecraft mods to have in every modpack.

Better Builders Wands
Download Here

 Tired of continually placing the same block? This mod helps you build faster then before by placing down multiple of the same block, you still need the blocks in your inventory so it's not cheating and the wands break just like any other tools.

Tinkers Construct
Download Here

 One of my favorite Minecraft mods, this mod adds better tools with more modifications then most mods out their. With many things to add to the tools without enchanting this is quite the handy mod. The best tools can even break multiple blocks at a time saving much of it.

Realistic Terrain Generation
Download Here

 Want Minecraft world generation looking much more like the normal world, this mod makes the world look much more beautiful then with mountains that look like mountains and huge trees like they should be.

Buildings Blocks
Download Here

 Adding basic forms of blocks that should already be in Minecraft such as vertical slabs and even more slabs. This mod also effects world generation by making the slops more gradual.

Adventure's Bakpacks
Download Here

 Have you ever go on a journey and ended up with a full inventory? Not anymore, craft a backpack or find one and you can carry so much.

Mapwriter 2
Download Here

Constantly getting lost in the endless world of Minecraft? This is a must have if you plan on going on a really long walk.

Not Enough Items
Download Here

How do you craft this? How do you craft that? Never have to ask again with this recipe viewer.

Download Here

This mod has been around for a very long time and it's main purpose is to improve the games performance. More recent version now include built it shaders as well.

Iron Chests
Download Here

Need more room in your chests to hold your items?

Damage Indicators
Download Here

How much health does the enemies have? this mod will let you know.

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