Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paper Mario Color Splash (Halfway through) Review

So I'm about halfway through the newest game in the Paper Mario series Color Splash and I was thinking it was time to give my opinion of the game.

Paper Mario Color Splash is the follow up of the controversial title Paper Mario Sticker Star and although I don't dislike the game it's also not a game I would recommend. The story in the previous version was not that great but in Color Splash a much better story is told, in a kind of mini stories throughout a bigger one.

Levels are a not so simple get to the goal but will sometimes have puzzles and backtracking to get what you need to get through. Some stages can't even be beaten until later in the game.

Paper Mario Color Splash is a major improvement to it's predecessor, and so far I'm greatly enjoying the adventure.

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My favorite stage so far in Paper Mario Color Splash

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