Friday, July 1, 2016

Pokemon NeedsTo End!

Yes I said it, the main series Pokemon games need to end so it can be reborn. I've been getting bored with the series since the 4th generation, with so many damn Pokemon the whole aspect of "gotta catch em all" has long since been left behind, even the series doesn't say it anymore.

The main Pokemon games haven't really changed since the series has gotten very stale. I still like Pokemon but my interest is no longer from the games, and I've never been truly interested in turn based combat.

I would like Pokemon to be renewed in a new light and use a battle system similar to whats seen in Xenoblade Chronicles where the Pokemon moves have their own cool down timer. I would also like Pokemon encounters happen just like in the game as well as have the game open world style.

If a new era of Pokemon is made what would you like, answer in the comments below.

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